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Royal Correspondence in the Curiosity Cabinet

The Leibniz Library in Hanover has published the results of three years’ research into a golden letter held in the library’s strong room for 250 years. It had been sent by King Alaungpaya of Burma to King George II of the United Kingdom in 1756. Instead of answering it, the latter put it in his curiosity cabinet in Hanover.

Count Welf and His Descendants

Until 1918, German nobles didn't have any family names; these only came into existence by act of parliament when the German Republic was created. Instead, the noble families were recognized as being part of ‘Houses’, and the tradition persists. Among them, the House of Welf or Guelph is looking back on over 1,000 years of history. 

Prince George of Hanover, Duke of Cambridge

Prince George Duke of Cambridge was the last holder of that title before Prince William. He led an extraordinary life for his time. He had a most successful army career; he had firm beliefs on how it should be run. He ran it accordingly and stuck to his preconceptions and prejudices without fail. His views on private life were no less firm and for a Royal Prince highly unconventional.