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Tambora, The Volcano That Changed History

200 years ago, the eruption of the Indonesian volcano Tambora set off a series of events that would change world history. This is often overlooked for various reasons. The same year, 1815, is better remembered for the Battle of Waterloo and the Congress of Vienna. And the eruption of Krakatoa looms much larger in our memories, though it was a fraction of the one of Tambora; but the telegraph blew up the Krakatoa incident, much as the internet does with stories today.

Mount Tambora

Royal Connections Can Be Deceiving

Royal families always seem quite remote and completely above board. Royal connections, though, can come in funny places. Titles can be deceiving, too, and are not always as high flying as they sound. Previous history might prove to be not so Royal after all. This is the story of the parents of Queen Mary of the United Kingdom.