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Anna Goeldi, Last Witch

Anna Göldi was one of the last victims of the superstitious belief in witches in Europe. The trial took place in Glarus, today in Switzerland. The conservative Republic of Glarus had been very reticent on holding witch trials throughout the entire crazy period. Historians had been puzzled for a long time why a witch trial should have been held as late as 1782 in a place with almost no witch trials taking place previously. In 2007, they discovered proof that there had been two connected trials going on at the same time.

Zurich is More Than Banks

Zurich is the financial center of Switzerland. But it is much more than that; it is a beautiful town full of vibrant life. Rich in history and rich in money, it is listed every year in the top ten cities of the world, when it comes to the title ‘most expensive city’.

Colorful Claims on FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is one of the best known football or soccer clubs in the world and probably the best to boot. One of the questions coming up every now and then is: How did it come by the colors blue and red on its dress? There are many claims to fame, and none of them gives a satisfactory answer.